If you’ve organised this year’s skiing holiday, with self catered skiing accommodation, flights, ski hire etc. all booked, then all you have left to do is look forward to hitting the slopes – right?

One tip for getting the most out of your holiday is to get yourself warmed up with a “ski goal” in mind before you go. Perhaps there’s one aspect of skiing or a particular trick you’d like to master, improving your on piste carving, or learning to do spins on snow. Whatever it is, having this in mind and working on it during the holiday gives you something to focus on and a greater sense of achievement when you nail it.

And it can help a lot to get yourself warmed up before you go. Us Brits have only got the odd dry slope or a trip to the lovely Milton Keynes Snowdome available for practice. However, don’t despair – you do have the infinite, convenient and totally free skiing playground of your mind. A bit of visualisation in the shower, on the train or whatever, combined with watching some of the best skiing instruction videos online, can give you a really valuable pre-holiday warm up boost. And apart from anything else, it’s a really good way to get excited about your holiday!

So where to look? A quick search on YouTube will uncover gozillions of GoPro videos showing beautiful young gnarly dudes and dudettes in baggy gear pulling freestyle tricks. (Like this). It’s all very inspiring, but it’s hard to learn anything much from this. Far better motivation in my opinion are some of the best instructional videos.

One of our favourites is www.Skischoolapps.com which offers really good quality instruction apps you can run on your iPhone or iPad. These lessons are presented by Darren Turner, a top qualified instructor of 20 years and ex-member of the British Ski Team. They’re simple and easy to understand and range from absolute beginner lessons through to advanced powder skiing, covering all the skills you need to a good all mountain skier. For a taste here’s lesson #6.2 on carving:

Next time we’ll share some more recommended instruction videos. Just click on the Skiing Tips category next time to check the list.