Jules on the Slopes Klosters - Morzine AlternativeOne member of team Creve Coeur managed to extend our recent Morzine skiing on into Klosters. Jules’ day job (job?) involves marketing for Pure Powder, who are keen to get to know Klosters better for their clients. Jules landed the jammy role of experiencing the skiing on offer and joined Gabriella Le Breton from the Telegraph. Just when you thought you might be turning green, I need say at this point that Gabriella’s somehow persuaded the Telegraph to let her go on a 20 resort ski-fest, blocking out the entire winter season experiencing a new resort each week in Europe and North America. She hass mentioned she’s worried about developing suitcase fatigue. Oh dear how awful for her.

The good thing is our Jules does appear in the pictures. Check out the whole article in the Telegraph skiing section.

In the mean time, I’ve been busy launching new products and carrying out product design if you’re interested? No, not quite as picturesque I guess.